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Tower Safety Services, Incorporated is a San Francisco Bay Area based survey and consultation firm, specializing in building façade access safety.  Tower is uniquely qualified to observe, assess, and document exterior building maintenance systems and related workplaces.

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Occupational Safety & Health Administration

California Code of Regulations, Title 8

Operating Procedure Outline Sheet (OPOS) requirement -California only


About Tower...

Since 2000, Tower has provided specialized consultation and surveying services to its clients. Tower has established itself as an industry leader, and actively participates in the development of safety standards and regulations. Over the years, Tower has revealed itself as an effective force for implementing safety advancements and raising awareness in our industry. These improvements not only serve to protect workers and pedestrians, but also enable building owners to accurately assess and control liability exposures.

Through consistent, detailed, and accurate services, Tower enables it's clients to make the world a safer place!



All of Tower's services meet or exceed Federal Occupational Safety and Health and California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health requirements.

TOWER offers the following quality services:


Following are just a few applications of our services.

  • Access support system and Anchor System Inspections to comply with Annual Inspection requirements.

  • Site Survey and Analysis of exterior building maintenance systems for due diligence as well as  compliance and liability exposure evaluation assessment.

  • Powered Platform Safety Reviews for third party inspection, following maintenance.

  • Operation Manual development to replace or supplement existing Operating Procedures


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Call (650) 343-7233 or 343 SAFE!

Mailing Address: 204 East Second Avenue,  #918 San Mateo, California 94401

Offices: (650) 343-7233       Facsimiles: (650) 343-7244

Electronic Address:

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California Scaffold Inspection & Testing License SIT#28


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