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Tower Safety Services, Inc. inspects support systems for exterior building access. Tower holds Cal-OSHA approved Scaffold Inspection and Testing (SIT) License #28.  Our inspection services meet, or exceed, all local, state, and federal requirements.


Also provided with each inspection, is a certification record of the inspection performed.  This record includes the following:

1)     Date of inspection,

2)     Signature of person who performed the inspection, and

3)     Identifier for the installation which was inspected.

4)     Also, this certification record must be kept readily available for review by the Division or by the employer of any workers using the system.


 All of our forms meet the above requirements.  These forms are completed at every inspection, and supplied to you for your records.

NOTE: Repairs or adjustment needs revealed in this inspection must be performed by others. Tower recommends using only a manufacturer approved service provider for all maintenance and repair services. Tower does not offer maintenance or repair services.


 Safety Inspections eliminate potential hazards to workers and the public below!


Key Benefits

bulletComplies with Industry Codes. This type of inspection is required (in CA and regarding CA powered systems specifically) to be performed once during every 12-month interval.
bulletDemonstrates a proactive stance on workplace safety.
bulletEffectively increases liability exposure with "third party" inspections.














California Scaffold Inspection & Testing License SIT#28


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