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TOWER offers a wide range of consultation services. Our Inspection Services include consultations on many safety and code compliance issues. Our in-depth services can involve extensive research and multimedia presentations of inspection findings, including consultations on methods to resolve or improve the system. This type of service can reduce costs and maintain control of the building or construction management team.

Following is a list of the types of consultation services TOWER offers.

bulletGeneration of in-depth site surveys, including analysis of all inadequacies with recommendations for resolution. (Site Survey & Analysis Report)
bulletStructural testing , analysis and reporting of system components and features.
bulletCertified Testing of Worker Fall Protection Systems.
bulletAssessment of Workplace Fall Hazards
bulletRooftop Safety Review and Report
bulletRecommendations and reports for Architectural and Construction Management.


Key Benefits

bulletIdentifies workplace hazards in a concise and comprehensive report.
bulletAssesses hazards and potential costs for various methods of resolution to ensure further expenditures are within management team's control.
bulletProvides technical consultation services during negotiation, development and installation of new systems.
bulletCreates documentation of inadequate or improperly installed systems.
bulletProtects Building Managers, as well as Building Owners from liability exposure related to problematic or poorly maintained systems.

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